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Monthly Archives: May 2013

For the Guys…


Had a great time catching up with Drew Tucker, an old friend from waaaaaayyy back.  I did some photos for his up and coming business which his service is tailored towards the groom of the day. Here are the photos!

Drew had some nice things to say as well


What a great experience! I run a Groom services and concierge business and getting across the idea of what I do can be very difficult. I needed to find a photographer, not only with a background in weddings, but also one with an artistic eye who would really help me to stand out!  I have worked with so many photographers that just didn’t share my vision no matter how hard I tried to communicate it. Robert really was a great communicator and made everyone on the shot feel at home. He did a great job helping me, not only articulate what I was trying to do, but also make it come to reality! I look forward to working on future projects with him and his team!